Blog Topics
  • Breaking down the Single-Payer healthcare system

    Single-payer systems is known as a type of health care system that provides universal coverage or universal health care for the citizens of a country.

  • Breaking Down the Medicare for All Plan

    Medicare for All is a legislative push in the United States to implement a new universal, single-payer national health care system. If the plan is accepted, every U.S. citizen would have access to healthcare that is fully funded by the federal government.

  • 6 Tips for talking to your doctor

    The American Academy of Family Physicians reports that patients, on average, only have around 15 minutes to speak with their doctor during an appointment. However, a short time frame does not mean that a patient cannot have a quality doctor’s appointment.

  • MAPD Plans: What They Are, How They Work, & More

    Before breaking down the details of an MAPD plan, it’s important for a patient to understand what an MAPD plan is and what it stands for. To learn more about the basics of an MAPD plan.

  • Medicare Eligibility Age: Who Can Enroll & How

    Medicare can be tricky to comprehend, especially regarding who is eligible, why they are eligible, and how they can sign up.