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  • How to Stay Safe During the Holidays

    The holidays are meant to be fun and festive: marked by delicious and hearty meals, good cheer and most of all, family and friends. If there’s any time of year when clans big or small reunite, it’s during the holiday season. While family...
  • Prostate cancer: symptoms, signs and screenings

    Cancer has become a word feared by many people, perhaps because of its association with being untreatable and often fatal.
  • Adult Care: 9 Ways to Prevent Trips and Falls

    Read about ways to prevent trips and falls on the Oak Street Health blog, where you can find information and advice on Primary Care, Wellness and Health Insurance.
  • Types of Arthritis: Symptoms and Risk Factors

    Read about Arthritis types, symptoms and risk factors on the Oak Street Health blog, where you can find information and advice on Primary Care, Wellness and Health Insurance.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Signs and Symptoms

    Forgetting a recent conversation or grasping for the right word while talking can be quite common: we’re only human after all, and our minds and memories are fallible. But when those incidents of forgetfulness or disorientation become...
  • Healthy lungs — tips to help quit smoking

    There's no question that smoking is bad, but why is that? Despite all the commercials, billboards, and other information about the serious effects smoking has on the body, why is it that millions of Americans still smoke? Is it really...
  • Healthy Holiday Eating

    When we think of healthy eating, holiday meals don’t necessarily come to mind. Treats like pumpkin pie, gingerbread cookies and eggnog can make it hard to maintain self control, especially when your normal routines are upended. But as we...
  • 10 Steps to Staying Safe on the Road - Senior Care

    Everyone should make sure to follow car safety precautions before getting on the road, especially older adults (65+) who make up one in five drivers in the United States.
  • Tips for Managing Your Joint Pain and Arthritis

    If you’re experiencing joint pain from arthritis, know that you’re not alone. Every year, millions of people in the United States have chronic pain caused by arthritis. Of the nearly 54 million Americans who have arthritis, nearly a...
  • Fun in the Sun: Safe Activities to Enjoy the Summer

    When you think of summer, does it make you want to head outside and bask in the sun — or just stay indoors and turn on the fan? Despite the rising temperatures, there are plenty of fun and safe activities you can enjoy in the summer....
  • Sun Safety: UV Protection and Heat Exhaustion

    There are plenty of activities that you just can't do indoors, and getting fresh air is good for you. But being outside, especially for extended periods of time, can also carry some risks.
  • Helpful Technologies to Help Older Adults Monitor their Health

    If you're a senior citizen living alone, you might consider having any of these technologies to help you monitor your health.
  • How to read prescription labels

    If you’re having trouble figuring out a prescription drug label, you’re not alone. Millions of adults in the United States misunderstand prescription drug labels.
  • How to Read Nutrition Labels and Potential Impacts on your Health

    "You are what you eat," the old adage goes — but how true is this? As you walk down the aisles of your favorite grocery store, it's nearly impossible not to notice that a majority of the packages you see have one thing in common: a black...
  • Why you should have a primary care doctor

    There's no doubt that your health is one of the most important aspects of your life — if not the most important.

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