Do the most meaningful and challenging work of your life.

We're all in for our patients. It's what drives us. And the future of healthcare relies on it. Oak Street Health is creating an entirely new model that works for all.

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What it means to be Oaky.

All Oakies are mission-driven individuals who strive to go above and beyond to support their coworkers and our patients. We work as a team and across disciplines to rebuild healthcare as it should be.

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    Creating an unmatched patient experience

    We’re driven to provide the best healthcare experience our patients have ever had. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their well-being.

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    Driving clinical excellence

    We invest in innovation, access and new services to push primary care to new frontiers. This helps us provide outstanding care to all our patients.

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    Taking ownership and delivering results

    Our mission is too important to have small goals. We learn from failure and push ourselves, and each other, to continually improve, collaborate and innovate.

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    Being scrappy

    We move fast and operate in a highly ambiguous environment. We make hard decisions, with imperfect information, knowing we’ll have to learn and adjust on the fly.

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    Radiating positive energy

    Positive energy inspires the best in ourselves and our co-workers. People with positive energy are fun to work with and find joy working on our most ambitious goals.

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    Assuming good intentions

    We strive to embody trust, empathy and integrity. We communicate with candor, provide direct feedback and expect the same of our colleagues.

Oak Street Health Culture

Amazing mission, amazing coworkers.

Rebuilding healthcare is hard work, but we're all in it together. Oakies bring their best selves to work because we know we're making an impact for our patients and the communities we serve.

Candid Collaboration

Every employee impacts patients’ lives

Join our team to help bring healthcare that works. We’re hiring for roles in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Philadelphia.

Meaningful careers for healthcare providers

Feel empowered to put patients first. Learn why 95% of our providers would recommend Oak Street Health to other clinicians.