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Dr. Lisa Holtsclaw


I believe older adults have much to share and teach us about life through their experiences and wisdom. I value their strength and perseverance. I enjoy listening to their stories. By caring for their whole health, I can reciprocate their investment in life and continue to partner with them well into the future.


Dr. Sherri Stiles-Walker


Providing excellent medical care to the older adults of my community continues to be a gift and privilege.


Aimee Bell, NP


I am grateful for the opportunity to provide care to older adults. I embrace the unique challenges that arise with the care of seniors and enjoy cultivating a therapeutic/holistic relationship.


Holly Young-Reese, NP


Optimal health of the older adult is beneficial to the individual, the family, and the community as a whole. That is why I am passionate about working with older adult. It is important to recognize that there are preventative measures that can be completed and allows for healthy aging. The ideal health of the older adult means that the individual will remain in the home longer, enjoy favorite activities, and continue as productive citizens of the community. Improvement in the health of the older adult limits health care obstacles and allows for continued independence. There are major life changes and personal sacrifices made by the family when caring for the older adult. Optimal health of the older adult limits the personal, financial, and psychosocial burden placed on the family. When optimal health is provided for the older adult the quality of life for both parties is improved. Lastly, as the population ages, chronic health conditions develop with age. Optimal health of the older adult limits high use of healthcare, decreases nursing home admissions, and improves the quality of life. Meeting the health care needs of the older adult is beneficial to all of parties involved.

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