We’re rebuilding healthcare as it should be.

Healthier people are happier. They end up in the hospital less. Other healthcare models focus on treating sickness instead of improving health. Our new approach to primary care keeps patients happy, healthy and out of the hospital.

Good healthcare for some isn’t good enough. It should be great.

Adults on Medicare have more healthcare needs. Many don’t receive it. When they do, appointments are brief, in-network doctors are far away, and they get too little attention. We offer a different patient experience.



There’s nothing more personal than your health. We spend twice as long with patients so we can get to know them as individuals.



Oak Street Health centers are in medically underserved communities. No matter where they live, every patient gets the same great care.



We hold ourselves accountable for our patients’ health by taking on the risk and cost of their care.

We’re all in on helping patients get healthier.

Most primary care practices follow fee-for-service models, which often prioritize volume of patient visits over quality of care. Oak Street Health operates under a values-based managed care model, meaning we take on the full risk of our patients’ health — all primary, specialty, acute and post-acute care. Our model incentivizes high-quality healthcare because patient outcomes are tied to our success. When patients do well, we do well.

Our country spends way too much on healthcare, and we don’t get enough back. With Oak Street Health, we set out to build healthcare how it should be. We took everything from various models that was working, brought it all together and built a new model from scratch.

Mike Pykosz, Chief Executive Officer
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Leadership Team

When your focus changes from extending quantity of life to improving the quality of that life, great things begin to happen.

Griffin Myers, Chief Medical Officer
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