Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oak Street Health?

We are a network of primary care doctor's offices specializing in the healthcare of older adults.

How is Oak Street Health different from other clinics?

  • Preventative Care: We operate with a completely new model of healthcare: our mission is preventative care and overall wellness. What this means is that you will see the doctor frequently while you are still healthy in order to keep you well. We work with you to address problems before they become big ones.
  • More Time With The Doctor: We understand that your health is very important, and sometimes complicated -- that is why we never rush. With us, you will have enough time with the doctor to go over your specific situation. The first visit is approximately 40 minutes of direct time with the doctor, and after this, visits will be approximately 20 minutes with the doctor.
  • Convenient Transportation Options: We understand getting to the doctor can be an inconvenience. Many of our patients take advantage of our door-to-door transportation options for their appointments. Ask today to see if you can as well!
  • Access To Experts: We help you navigate the complicated healthcare system.
  • Community Space: We have beautiful community rooms where we host regular social events and educational presentations to keep you active and engaged.
  • Available On Your Schedule: We reserve space in our doctors' schedules for same-day or next-day appointments, so that you have access to care when you need it.

Who can be a patient?

While all older adults are invited to come and enjoy our community room, our doctors can generally treat only people with Medicare B. If you have questions on your eligibility, please contact us to have an expert call you back.

What types of insurance does Oak Street Health accept?

Oak Street Health welcomes anyone with Medicare Part B. We take all forms of Medicare, including traditional Medicare, select Medicare Advantage plans, supplemental Medicare insurance, and dual Medicare and Medicaid. We also can treat anyone eligible for the new MMAI program. In special cases, we can take adults who have only Medicaid. Questions about eligibility? Let our experts help and give us a call today!

What else is happening at Oak Street Health?

In addition to our primary care and community rooms, we offer dental and pharmacy services at many of our locations. We are constantly looking to add other services to benefit our patients too! So expect this list to grow.

Which hospitals does Oak Street Health partner with?

We work with all of the surrounding hospitals near our clinics. We want our patients to be able to choose for themselves which hospital they will go to, depending upon your personal insurance coverage. If you are looking for a recommendation, we will help you find a hospital we know and trust, and which accepts your insurance.

Will I be able to keep my specialist?

Yes! We can work with your specialist to coordinate your care. If you are looking for one, we will help you find a specialist we know and trust.

What if I'm not sure I want to change doctors right now?

We invite anyone who is interested in Oak Street Health to come in for a Welcome Visit! The first visit is approximately 40 minutes and includes a full physical, a meeting with our member relations manager, and the chance to ask any questions. For many of our patients, they claim this is the most thorough experience they have had. This is your chance to experience our Oak Street Health difference.

Is Oak Street Health an insurance company?

No, we are a doctor’s office, not an insurance company. However, if you have questions about insurance, we have staff members in our offices who are happy to help with your questions. To talk to someone about insurance, simply contact us.

I want to sign up for an appointment! What do I do?

Fantastic! We are so happy you have decided to let us take care of you. Please call 312-733-3374 and ask to schedule your appointment. We have physicians and staff who speak English, Spanish, Russian, and German.


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