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High Blood Pressure Treatment

High Blood Pressure (or hypertension) is assessed from patient to patient and can vary depending on each individual’s health. One of the main ways to avoid developing hypertension is through maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen, although it’s important to visit a provider annually to ensure one’s blood pressure is measured and evaluated. Oak Street Health makes it easy to see a doctor quickly and create a unique care plan for your level of blood pressure. 

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We are doctors for adults on Medicare.

As you get older, primary care has never been more important. We’re experts at providing professional, friendly medical care to Medicare patients and adults over 65, and we know what it takes to keep you happy, healthy, and out of the hospital. So let’s talk about how our Medicare doctors can better care for you. Other services offered:
    • Annual Physicals
    • Prescriptions
    • Immunizations
    • Hypertension / High Blood Pressure Care
    • Transportation (for eligible patients)
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    • Preventive care and planning
    • Nutrition and weight loss advice
    • Telehealth

Where and How to Measure Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can be measured in a variety of places and settings. However, blood pressure can be tricky to measure as it’s sensitive to daily functions such as eating, exercise, and emotions. Because of this, it’s important to understand where blood pressure can be taken and how to measure it properly.
  • Doctor’s Office

    Another common place where patients can measure their blood pressure is at a machine in local pharmacies. The machines also use an automated cuff to measure blood pressure and provide prompts to guide the user throughout the process. Similar to going to the doctor’s office, it’s important to eat a healthy meal prior, don’t smoke, and calm one’s nerves before going in order to have the most accurate numbers.

  • At Home

    It’s also possible for patients to measure their own blood pressure with a cuff or machine in their own homes. For most patients, having a machine or cuff at home is not necessary unless they have blood pressure issues. Be sure to speak to a doctor about whether or not this would be a beneficial step for you to take and to learn more tips about taking your own blood pressure.


Frequently Asked Questions for High Blood Pressure

The staff here is kind and makes me feel comfortable. Oak Street Health works with many hospitals, which makes it easy for me to always have access to good care and it’s comforting to know that I can always see a friendly primary care doctor near me.
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High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Treatment for Adults on Medicare | Oak Street Health

Oak Street Health is your home for comprehensive primary care. With our wide network of senior primary care centers, our experienced team of primary care doctors, specialists and caregivers, and our full range of medical services––which includes hypertension and high blood pressure treatment ––we have your health needs covered.

There is likely not one discernible cause that led to a patient developing hypertension as it normally is the result of a variety of health or lifestyle decisions. High blood pressure tends to gradually develop over a series of years so it’s good to attend one’s annual health check-up in order to be screened for symptoms. Receiving a screening and speaking with a doctor about the aspects of your life that could influence this health issue is perfect for kicking off awareness surrounding hypertension and thus, working on avoiding unhealthy habits that contribute to the problem.