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Insurance Accepted at Truman

Original Medicare

Oak Street Health Truman accepts Original Medicare Part A and Part B plans.

Medicare Supplement

Oak Street Health Truman accepts all Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plans.

Medicare Advantage

This list of insurances changes regularly. Before your appointment, please confirm with your insurance company that Oak Street Health Truman accepts your insurance.
Plan NameEffective YearBenefit Package
Aetna Premier Plus (PPO)2023 & 2024H1608-016
Aetna Elite (PPO)2023 & 2024H1608-039
Aetna Eagle (HMO-POS)2023 & 2024H2663-025
Aetna Premier (HMO)2023 & 2024H2663-026
Aetna Medicare Assure (HMO D-SNP)2023 & 2024H5325-003
Plan NameEffective YearBenefit Package
H7849-024 - Cigna True Choice Medicare (PPO)2023 & 2024H7849-024
Cigna True Choice Courage Medicare (PPO)2023 & 2024H7849-072
Plan NameEffective YearBenefit Package
Humana HoIndividualr (PPO)2023 & 2024H5216-329
HumanaChoice H5216-033 (PPO)2023H5216-033
HumanaChoice H5216-318 (PPO)2023 & 2024H5216-318
H0028-049 - Humana Gold Plus H0028-049 (HMO)2023H0028-049
H7621-001 - Humana Community (HMO)2023H7621-001
H5216-262 - HumanaChoice H5216-262 (PPO)2023H5216-262
Humana Gold Plus H0028-054 (HMO-POS)2023H0028-054

Lasso Healthcare

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Plan NameEffective YearBenefit Package
Lasso Healthcare Growth (MSA)2023H1924-001
Lasso Healthcare Growth Plus (MSA)2023H1924-004


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Plan NameEffective YearBenefit Package
Wellcare No Premium (HMO)2023H9335-001
Wellcare Dual Access (HMO D-SNP)2023H9335-003
Wellcare Giveback (HMO)2023H9335-005
Wellcare Assist (HMO)2023H9335-006


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