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Humana plans at Irving

The following Humana plans are accepted at our Irving primary care clinic.

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Plan NameEffective YearBenefit Package
Humana Gold Plus - Diabetes and Heart (HMO C-SNP)2024H0028-060
Humana Gold Plus H0028-042 (HMO)2024H0028-042
Humana Gold Plus H0028-043 (HMO)2024H0028-043
Humana Gold Plus H0028-059 (HMO)2024H0028-059
Humana Gold Plus H0783-004 (HMO)2024H0783-004
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H0028-031 (HMO D-SNP)2024H0028-031
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H0028-032 (HMO D-SNP)2024H0028-032
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H0028-033 (HMO D-SNP)2024H0028-033
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H0028-064 (HMO D-SNP)2024H0028-064
Humana Medicare Employer (PPO)2024H5216-805
Humana USAA Honor (PPO)2024H5216-128
Humana USAA Honor (PPO)2024H5216-348
Humana USAA Honor with Rx (PPO)2024H5216-351
HumanaChoice H0473-001 (PPO)2024H0473-001
HumanaChoice H0473-004 (PPO)2024H0473-004
HumanaChoice H5216-042 (PPO)2024H5216-042
HumanaChoice H5216-043 (PPO)2024H5216-043
HumanaChoice H5216-352 (PPO)2024H5216-352
HumanaChoice R4182-001 (Regional PPO)2024R4182-001
HumanaChoice R4182-003 (Regional PPO)2024R4182-003
HumanaChoice R4182-004 (Regional PPO)2024R4182-004

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