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Zing Health plans at Avalon Park

The following Zing Health plans are accepted at our Avalon Park primary care clinic.

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Plan NameEffective YearBenefit Package
Zing Choice IL (HMO)2024H4624-001
Zing Elite Diabetes & Heart IL (HMO C-SNP)2024H4624-028
Zing Elite Select IL (HMO)2024H7330-004
Zing Essential Wellness Diabetes & Heart IL (HMO C-SNP)2024H4624-010
Zing Select Care IL (HMO)2024H7330-001
Zing Select Diabetes & Heart Complete IL (HMO C-SNP)2024H4624-027
Zing Select Diabetes & Heart IL (HMO C-SNP)2024H7330-003

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