Press Releases Jan 31, 2018

Oak Street Health Becomes a Medicare Accountable Care Organization, Creates Acorn Network, LLC to Improve Access to Data

Chicago, IL — January 31, 2018 — Oak Street Health, a network of health centers providing a new model of value-based primary care for Medicare patients, has partnered with Primary Care Joliet and United Physicians Network to create the Acorn Network, LLC, an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). As part of the Acorn Network, Oak Street Health will gain access to powerful data-driven insights on its Medicare patients to support enhanced care coordination and serve the larger population’s needs.

The Medicare Shared Saving Program (MSSP) enables groups of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers to come together as an ACO for a more collaborative approach to patient care. The program encourages coordination and cooperation among providers to improve outcomes​for Medicare​Fee-For-Service (FFS) patients and reduce unnecessary costs. It requires three years of history meeting a designated patient threshold before companies can earn ACO accreditation.

As part of the Acorn Network, Oak Street Health will have improved access to patient data through the MSSP, which will enable the company to provide higher quality care for traditional Medicare patients. In addition, joining the MSSP will allow Oak Street Health to monitor process and analyze the impact on the larger population. With better data and better incentive structures Oak Street Health will help each ACO participant advance their own practice to better serve the individual patient.

Our community-based care model has always prioritized data-driven decisions and best-in-class population health principles. Now, as part of the MSSP we will be able to leverage even deeper insights to better serve our patients through coordinated care,” said Mike Pykosz, CEO of Oak Street Health. As an ACO, we will continue to seek to achieve our mission to rebuild healthcare as it should be — patient-centered, community-based, and cost-effective.”

In 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that there are 124 new 2018 ACOs, a sign of many healthcare providers’ desire to share responsibility for patient populations by aligning incentives and resources to work toward shared goals. Currently, there are 561 ACOs participating in the MSSP, serving more than 10.5 million seniors and people with disabilities.

Dr. Terry Olson, Senior Vice President of Accountable Care at Oak Street Health, will serve as Chair of the Governing Body of the ACO. Joining an ACO will empower our physicians to make more data-driven decisions that have a lasting impact on patient health,” said Dr. Terry Olson, SVP of Accountable Care at Oak Street Health. A community-based care model ensures open lines of communication for every healthcare provider involved in a patient’s treatment, ensuring better individual outcomes and overall population health improvement.”

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About Oak Street Health

Oak Street Health is a rapidly growing company of primary care centers for adults on Medicare in medically-underserved communities where there is little to no quality healthcare. Oak Street’s care is based on an entirely new model that is based on value for its patients, not on volume of services. The company is accountable for its patients’ health, spending more than twice as long with its patients and taking on the risks and costs of their care. Since 2013, Oak Street Health has been investing in communities across the Midwest – providing much-needed primary care for tens of thousands of people in 24 centers. The company recently announced an expansion to Philadelphia in 2018. For more information, visit