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Our preventative care approach only works when patients are benefiting from the services their insurance plan offers. That’s why our patient relations managers (PRMs) work closely with patients to make sure they have the coverage that’s right for them.

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Our PRMs will first sit with new patients and help figure out if you’re eligible to enroll in a special enrollment period (SEP), or if you need to wait until the normal annual enrollment period in October to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans. If you qualify for SEP, meaning you’re over 65, or younger than 65 but are on Medicare due to a disability for 24 months or longer; or if you qualify due to income requirements, then the process can move forward. The PRM will then connect you with one of our trusted insurance agents who will help you select an insurance plan. They’ll introduce you to a variety of different plans that suit your medical needs. Depending on health and medical requirements, the plans could include things like gym memberships, or free rides to doctor appointments. The insurance agent will provide you with whatever information needed to fulfill your medical requirements.

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The PRM can also help see if patients qualify for extra help from the state, like the LIS program or even Medicaid. LIS can help with the rising costs of medications. It’s income based, as is Medicaid. Both of these programs come in handy and help keep out-of-pocket expenses down.

The PRM will also seek out patients throughout the year, as well as speak with your Medicare primary care doctor, and other care team members to see if the plan you’re currently on still makes sense for your healthcare needs.

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Our PRMs help patients get the maximum use out of their benefits by reaching out to them and simply asking them the right questions. Things like knowing what kinds of specialists you see, or what medications you’re taking can contribute to getting more out of your insurance plan. Our PRMs also help explain the gaps in benefits and how it might cost more out-of-pocket if you don’t look for another plan or additional support.

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We work with trusted insurance agents who can help patients understand the various plans and their benefit offerings. They can guide patients through the process and will make sure you’re choosing the plan that best suits your needs.

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