Helping seniors stay healthy.

Working exclusively with seniors gives us a unique advantage in understanding what their needs are. Whether it’s breaking down the barriers to care by providing access to quality healthcare in their communities, or taking additional steps to make sure they are safe and healthy in the confines of their own home—senior primary care takes on many faces.

Experts at senior care

Understanding senior issues.

  • In today’s day and age, more and more seniors are deciding to age at home, and forgo traditional senior living facilities. While this may help them financially, it also poses a slew of other challenges; namely, social isolation, lack of access to resources or even knowing when to seek medical attention.

    At Oak Street Health, we are set up to take on these challenges––with in-home visits by our care team for those who are immobile or just can’t make it into the center for their visit. We even provide in-center community events and activities that help patients break out of the cycle of loneliness and connect with others just like them.

  • Another unfortunate reality of senior living is the struggle with food insecurity. More and more, this has become a hardship for our patient population. That’s why we help connect patients to facilities and organizations that make sure they have the basic items at home. Because no one should go without food.

    And because a higher percentage of seniors go through the loss of a loved one, we also provide grief and bereavement assistance. Making sure to connect those who need its services to the organizations that can help the most.

    Understanding seniors and making sure we address their needs is at the core of how we treat our patients. We support seniors aging in the place of their choice. It’s not just about medicine. It’s about caring.

Senior care services.

Being there for our patients helps us better understand their needs, and the needs of seniors in general. Being able to offer supportive services to assist them when they need it most is of the utmost importance. That’s why we provide a variety of wellness services for patients with complicated medical histories, those who are coming out of the hospital, and even patients who are in short or long-term senior living facilities.

[email protected] program

[email protected] is an extra layer of support for patients who have a complicated medical history. By seeing you at home on a regular basis, we’re able to work much more closely with you, your caregivers, and your families to make sure you have what you need to keep you healthy and comfortable. Our senior caregivers will visit at least once a month if not more. They will assist in medication management, and make sure the home environment is conducive to the type of care needed. This kind of care, can at times, help slow the progression of an illness––and at the very least helps to maintain a comfortable environment for the patient.

OSH at home program

Transition program

When a patient is coming out of the hospital––or short or long-term senior living facility––and they still need additional care, our transition nurses provide an extra level of support, offering extra check-ins and other special attention the patient needs. After a patient is released we help them understand their discharge papers, help with understanding changes in their medications, and make sure they are able to follow the instructions their doctor ordered. We even educate and coach them on how to take care of themselves, providing valuable information on speaking with their specialists, insurance provider, and other healthcare providers.

Senior living program

There are times when a patient can’t go straight home after leaving the hospital, or finds they need to stay at a long-term care or assisted living facility. In these cases, we bring our Oak Street Health care model into senior living communities––where we can care for their health needs in a more controlled environment; providing an extra level of care needed. In these kinds of facilities we see patients at least once a month, and frequently more often than that.

Getting the most out of your Medicare.

Because we work with seniors on a deeper level, we are able to understand their medical needs, as well as the services and benefits they need to stay healthy. With this knowledge we are able to help make sure our patients are receiving the benefits and coverage best suited for their individual needs. A lot of times benefits such as dental or gym memberships are overlooked; our Patient Relations Managers (PRM) can connect patients to trusted insurance agents to ensure they don’t miss out on any of these kinds of benefits. Even our senior primary care doctors look out for patients, speaking with the PRM if a patient of theirs needs different services than their current Medicare plan allows. We even assist in applying for extra financial assistance such as help with lowering the cost of pharmaceuticals, or looking into additional local or state programs that could be beneficial to pocketbooks.

Get the most from your Medicare

Your neighbors in health.

The health of a community is an indication of the health of those who live within the community. Businesses teeming with customers, greenways without litter, and community residents not just surviving, but thriving, are at the forefront of our community engagement initiatives. And as your neighbors in health, it’s important that every aspect of our community flourishes.

  • At Oak Street Health, we’re more than a health center, because our community endeavors include making sure to connect seniors who need essentials like food and toiletries to food pantries in the area; even working with organizations and our own care team who volunteer to make food deliveries to those who are otherwise homebound. We put together community events like group activities that include painting or yoga, provide entertainment in the form of dances and music, and educate with health and knowledge events that include our clinical care team going out to the community to help promote a healthier lifestyle. In preparation for the colder months we set up coat drives to make sure those who can’t afford a winter coat are covered from the frigid temps. We support community immunization drives and we even provide wellness checks to senior living facilities. And for those who might need even more assistance, we can also connect them to social workers who can offer another level of support.

  • During the pandemic, we even worked with cell companies to provide free or low-cost cell service to those who needed it so they could have access to senior telehealth primary care services in the comfort and safety of their home.

    Our community outreach team will even go as far as connecting people to shelters who need a place to stay overnight, and assist others in getting free of abusive relationships by connecting them to resources that will help in their situation.

    At Oak Street Health, our goal in the community is to help the community. That means we help individuals on a one-to-one level. We are successful at this because we send people out to the community to meet people where they are at, to make sure they have the resources they need to not fall through the cracks. We are only as strong as our weakest link, that’s why we strive to shorten that link in every community we proudly serve.


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