Fellowship for Value-Based Care Leadership

Oak Street Health offers a prestigious Fellowship for Value-Based Care Leadership, providing an opportunity for emerging leaders in healthcare to develop expertise in value-based care models. As a fellow, you will engage in hands-on experiences, collaborate with senior leaders, and work on projects focused on driving quality outcomes and improving patient experiences while getting your MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare and making a positive impact on the lives of older adults.

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To rebuild healthcare as it should be by ensuring Fellows develop into well-rounded Center Medical Directors with a strong clinical foundation, exemplifying value-based practice, and providing high-quality care in traditionally underserved neighborhoods.


A nationally acclaimed leader in Value-Based Care Leadership Training that empowers respected clinical leaders to bridge the gap between healthcare and business, resulting in measurably better health.


Our goal is to Integrate medical training with advanced principles of value-based care and business concepts to enable fellows to become effective leaders in a value-based care environment.

Applications are open for 2024

Hear from Oak Street Health leaders and fellows about the impact value-based healthcare training can make. 

Common questions

  • Who is a typical Oak Street Health patient?

    Oak Street Health is a network of primary care centers for Medicare-eligible patients. Most of our patients are 65 and older and roughly 40% of our patients are dual-eligibles (e.g., Medicare and Medicaid).

  • How many patients do Oak Street Health Fellows see?

    Fellows will have 56 direct patient care slots per week. On average, Oak Street Health providers see 15-18 patients per day.

  • What does a Fellow’s schedule look like at Oak Street Health?

    Fellows will provide patient care three days per week and will spend two days per week working on high priority projects with our Population Health teams. To round out the fellowship, fellows will gain field leadership experience serving as an interim medical director for six months at an Oak Street Health clinic. Fellows will also complete the requirements to earn an MBA in the evening and weekend program at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, fully sponsored by Oak Street Health

  • How does Oak Street Health compensate Fellows?

    Oak Street Health’s Fellowship compensation is higher than other training programs. We offer a competitive benefits package that includes dental insurance, malpractice coverage, white coats, research and reference benefits (e.g., Up to Date) and C.M.E. stipend, among others.

  • What future opportunities are available to fellowship graduates?

    Those who have successfully graduated from the program and have exhibited mastery of our care model have transitioned into Center Medical Director roles in regions across the country.

Working at Oak Street Health

It is refreshing to work in a value-based system that actually impacts how clinicians think and work, and that encourages innovation on all levels.”
Laura Minardi, Second-Year Physician Fellow
Over the course of my medical education and especially during residency through the COVID pandemic, I became keenly aware that physicians need to become more involved in the business and political aspects of healthcare so that decision-making is more patient-centered.”
Marco Palomo, Center Medical Director, Fellowship Graduate
I became a doctor because I want to provide primary care to the underserved communities, and I believe Oak Street Health can help me accomplish that goal.”