We are here for you, now more than ever.

Primary care is more important than ever, and as your care team, we are here for you, always. Our top priority is your health and safety.

Stay at home, and stay connected with telehealth services.

At Oak Street Health, our video visits let you see your doctor from the convenience of your home, while giving us the full picture of your health. Call us at (844) 871‑5650 to schedule your appointment. 

There are many benefits to a video visit, including:

  • They are face-to-face so you can be seen, not just heard
  • Your provider can offer you a more thorough physical exam
  • Our technology is easy to use, and we’ll help you along the way

Have an upcoming video visit? Download instructions below on how to prepare for your visit.

Video visits are easy to use and set up

Video visits are a great way for your provider to give you a thorough exam, especially when you can’t come in for a visit. Watch this video to learn how easy video visits are to set up and use.

More Than a Doctor's Office

Feel in-the-know about your Medicare benefits.

Medicare and insurance can be complicated. We’ll help you understand your coverage so you get the most out of your benefits.

Every visit to the doctor should be a great experience.

Nothing’s more important than your health and well-being. Oak Street Health is unlike any doctor’s office you’ve experienced before.

Phone Support

247 patient support line

Call us with questions for your doctor, to arrange prescription refills or to book your next appointment.


We have phone and video visits

See your doctor by phone or video and receive high-quality care without leaving your home.

Easy Scheduling

See your doctor today or tomorrow

No need to wait weeks for your next appointment.

A mission to rebuild healthcare as it should be

Traditional healthcare makes it difficult to truly put patient health and wellness at the center. Our model does.

Meaningful careers for healthcare providers

Feel empowered to put patients first. 95% of our providers would recommend Oak Street Health to other clinicians.

The staff here is kind and makes me feel comfortable. Oak Street Health works with many hospitals, which makes it easy for me to always have access to good care. I don’t feel the same pressure I used to at other clinics. There’s also a good variety of activities.

Luis, Patient at Brighton Park
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