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The term heart disease” may seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Heart disease doesn’t have to limit your lifespan or quality of life as long as you’re receiving proper care. At Oak Street Health, we have a vast array of qualified doctors across the US who are trained to manage your heart health and fully committed to giving you the best possible care.

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Common questions

  • What hospitals do you work with?

    We work with any area hospitals that accept your insurance.

  • What if I’m not sure I want to change doctors right now?

    You're welcome to visit before you decide if Oak Street Health is right for you. Call (888) 812-1183 to learn more.

  • Who can become an Oak Street Health patient?

    Our doctors specialize caring for anyone with Medicare, including Original Medicare Part B, select Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement or Medigap plans and Medicare-Medicaid Plans.

  • How do I or a family member become an Oak Street Health patient?

    Call (888) 812-1183 to find a Medicare doctor near you and learn more about becoming a patient at Oak Street Health. You can also stop by your nearest center or fill out a become a patient form, and we'll be in touch.

  • What insurance does Oak Street Health accept?

    We accept all forms of Medicare, including Original Medicare Part B, select Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement or Medigap plans and Medicare-Medicaid Plans. Call us at (888) 812-1183 or visit insurance plan acceptance tool to see if we accept your specific insurance.

What is heart disease?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. It’s a common term used to describe different types of heart conditions — the most common of which is called coronary artery disease (CAD), which occurs when plaque made up of cholesterol builds up in the walls of your blood vessels. This causes blood flow to decrease through your vessels. Over time, as the plaque gets bigger, it may potentially block blood flow completely. This can lead to several complications like arrhythmias (irregular heart rhythms), heart attacks, and/​or heart failure.

What type of doctor treats heart disease?

A primary care physician (PCP) can treat many conditions, including heart disease. A PCP evaluates your risk for heart disease by looking into your personal and family history; asking about lifestyle habits such as smoking, drug use, and alcohol use; performing a physical examination; and conducting several diagnostic tests like complete blood work. If a PCP determines you have heart disease, they can discuss treatment options with you, and sometimes refer you to a specialist in heart health (cardiologist) to help manage your condition. 

Prevention and early treatment are key when it comes to heart disease. Discuss your family history and risk factors with your primary care doctor to manage your care. With hundreds of locations across the US, Oak Street Health’s expanding network of physicians is dedicated to being your partner and helping you achieve your health goals.

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