We’re doctors for adults on Medicare.

At Oak Street Health, our primary care providers are specialized in caring for Medicare patients and seniors with a preventative care focus that strives to keep you healthy and out of the hospital. Our state-of-the-art facilities are set up to handle what seniors need most, including community rooms to offset isolation, in-center pharmacies in some centers, and even behavioral health specialists. And we’re conveniently located in the communities where our patients live, providing access to high-quality care. Find a local Oak Street Health primary care center near you today!

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We’re rebuilding healthcare as it should be

Contributing to the health of a community starts by addressing disparity in care. See what we’re doing to bring access to high-quality primary care clinics near you, to the people who need it most.


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Your care team is larger than you think

From your local primary care physician, to your nurse technician, to your Medicare insurance agent and patient relations manager, our care team runs deep–– because we know how important it is to have the people and systems in place that can support you through your health journey.

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    Our leadership team is interspersed with a multitude of disciplines all working toward the single goal of driving the mission and vision of the company into the future.

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    Helpful information for insurance agents

    Find out how we can work together to help retain your clients and keep them happy, healthy, and out of the hospital.

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