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Patients appreciate getting rides to and from appointments, same-day scheduling and doctors who listen to their needs. From fitness classes to Medicare help, we're here to give you more time, more support and more understanding about your health.

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Insurance Resources

  • Difference Between HMO and PPO Oak Street Health

    Difference between HMO and PPO: Costs, advantages, disadvantages, and more

    HMO and PPO insurance plans are the two most common health care insurance plans in the United States. With roughly 70 million American’s having an HMO plan and almost 90 million American’s having a PPO plan, these managed care services are the predominant form of healthcare in America.

  • Prm helping with paper work

    Mistakes to avoid during medicare open enrollment

    With so many people signing up for Medicare benefits, it could be a good idea for you to look into the plan you currently have, to make sure it’s still the best option for you.

  • Insurance Agent

    How to shop for Medicare Insurance

    At Oak Street Health, we’re here to help our patients understand their Medicare options and plans, so they get the benefits that’s right for them. But it’s important to note we are not an insurance company. Instead, we can refer you to agents we know and trust who can help you discover your options and help you navigate the wonderful world of Medicare.