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Looking for a new licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in your neighborhood? Our LCSWs are accepting new patients at a clinic near you. As part of your care team, social workers at Oak Street Health partner with your primary care physician to diagnose and treat common behavioral health conditions.

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  • Quality primary care

    Our approach isn’t one-size-fits-all. We specialize in care for adults over 65, and spend more time with our patients than other behavioral health specialists to ensure you get the care you need.

  • Get help navigating your insurance

    Our patient relations managers help guide you through the insurance process and ensure you get the most out of your Medicare insurance benefits.

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    Call us with questions for your doctor, to coordinate care with specialist providers, to arrange prescription refills, or to book your next appointment.


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    What is behavioral health: Behavioral health vs. mental health (symptoms, insurance, and more)

    Mental illness impacts millions of American lives; however, many live without knowing that they can receive treatment or care for their conditions.

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    Alzheimer’s Disease Signs and Symptoms

    Forgetting a recent conversation or grasping for the right word while talking can be quite common: we’re only human after all, and our minds and memories are fallible. But when those incidents of forgetfulness or disorientation become more frequent, there may be cause for concern.

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    How to Stay Safe During the Holidays

    The holidays are meant to be fun and festive: marked by delicious and hearty meals, good cheer and most of all, family and friends. If there’s any time of year when clans big or small reunite, it’s during the holiday season. While family reunions are cause alone for celebration, it’s important to keep safety and health in mind, especially when it comes to older adults.

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