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Dr. Orest Sowirka


I grew up with only one living grandparent and she was frequently hospitalized and died when I was 12 years old. Thereafter, I always found myself sitting with my friends' grandmothers and listening to their life stories. This carried over into my career as a Geriatrician where I strive to improve the quality of life of my patients and get to listen to their life stories.

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Dr. Ruth Mays


I became very passionate about the elderly when I had the honor and privilege of assisting with the care of my parents. Assisting mature individuals live a happy, healthy life is fulfilling to me. Elderly people are a valued treasure in society and I believe they should be treated accordingly with compassion, respect and gentle care.

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Rita Gatia, NP


I am inspired by the wealth of life experiences and wisdom older adults have. I truly enjoy learning about my patients and providing them with the care that focuses on maintaining their integrity, dignity and independence. I believe it is an honor grow older each year and I fully respect each persons right to do so with optimal health and grace.

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Angela Woodley-Williams, NP


Nurse Practitioner at Jefferson Village

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