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Our world may look different as a result of COVID-19, but some things haven’t changed: the importance of primary care and Oak Street Health’s commitment to older adults. Our primary care team is here for you, always. Our telehealth appointments over video and telephone keep you healthy and safe when you can’t make it to your nearest primary care location. For our safety protocols, visit our patient safety page.

We’ve provided answers below to common questions and are available for you 24/7 at (888) 898‑6762.

Get information on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Do you have an upcoming telehealth visit with us?

At Oak Street Health, our video visits let you see your doctor from the convenience of your home, while giving us the full picture of your health.

There are many benefits to a video visit, including:

  • They are face-to-face so you can be seen, not just heard
  • Your provider can offer you a more thorough physical exam
  • Our technology is easy to use, and we’ll help you along the way

Download instructions below on how to prepare for your visit.

Video visits are easy to use and set up

Video visits are a great way for your provider to give you a thorough exam, especially when you can’t come in for a visit. 

Common questions

  • Can you tell me about safety when I visit the center for an appointment?

    Cleanliness and infection control has always been a top priority at Oak Street Health.

    We have further increased our sanitation protocols to ensure the safety of our patients and staff in light of COVID-19.

    • Oak Street Centers: We have increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning in our centers and exam rooms. We disinfect high touch surface areas multiple times each day with disinfectants that are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved to be effective against the coronavirus. Our overnight cleaning regimen is also increased, and our centers have increased ventilation, which allows more fresh air in.
    • Face Masks: All Oak Street team members, patients, and visitors are required to wear a face mask when in our centers. We provide face masks for visitors if they do not have their own. Our mask inventory is well stocked.
    • Hand Washing: Our center staff is trained in proper hand hygiene and performs it multiple times each day. We also have hand sanitizer available throughout the center, and every visitor is encouraged to use it.
    • Social Distancing: We have clear instructions and markings in the center to ensure that everyone maintains a safe distance. If a patient has COVID symptoms, they will wait in a private exam room upon arrival.
    • Symptom Checking: We ensure the health of our care teams by checking them for COVID-19 related symptoms the night before the shift begins, the morning before starting their shift and again midday.

    Nothing matters more than the health and safety of our patients and our staff. We’re committed to providing our patients with the highest quality of primary care in the safest possible environment.

  • What should I do if I do not feel well (including cold and flu-like symptoms)?

    Call Oak Street Health at 888-312-5842! We are always here to help you. Government public health authorities are asking patients to stay away from hospitals unless you are having a medical emergency. 911 is always available, but in these extraordinary times, we ask you to call Oak Street Health first in all but extreme circumstances.

    If you use a nebulizer machine at home, you can continue using it, but you must be in a room by yourself with the doors and windows closed to protect others in your home. You may also continue to use your inhaler normally.

    Call us at 888-312-5842 if you have any questions.

  • I have a previously scheduled appointment. Should I cancel?

    No, you should not cancel your appointment. Primary care remains critical during this time in order to keep you healthy. Our telephone and video appointments are designed to keep you safely at home, and our providers will address your needs and concerns.

  • I have a previously scheduled appointment with a specialist. How should I handle that?

    On the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), many specialist providers are delaying certain types of visits and procedures. We encourage you to reach out directly to your specialist to confirm or reschedule an existing appointment. We at Oak Street Health are also here to help — please call us with questions.

  • What can I expect from a telehealth visit?

    Our telehealth visits enable you to safely have an appointment with your provider in the comfort of your home. Like an in-person visit, our provider can address your concerns and questions. We will also address your medications and make any changes or refills as needed. The visits take place over the phone or through a video chat. If it’s by video, all you have to do is follow these instructions and find a private space in your home with an internet connection where you can freely and comfortably discuss your healthcare without interruption or interference.

  • I’m running out of my medications. What should I do?

    Keeping your medications up to date and your prescriptions filled is more important than ever. Call us right away and we will work to refill your prescriptions as quickly as we can. In many cases, we can help set up medication delivery for you.

  • Can I get tested for COVID-19 at the center?

    Testing is very limited nationally at this time, but may be available for Oak Street Health patients when determined clinically necessary. If you have flu-like symptoms, we will connect you with a nurse or provider for assessment and to determine the next steps that are best for you, which may or may not include testing. We can also support patients in identifying other resources, including those for testing, in the community.

  • What about my insurance? Will it cover the telehealth visits or the COVID-19 test?

    Medicare has temporarily expanded its coverage of telehealth services to respond to the current Public Health Emergency. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you have access to these same benefits and your plan may also offer additional telehealth benefits beyond what is covered by Original Medicare. Both Medicare and Medicare Advantage will also cover the cost of COVID-19 testing. We are happy to help you check your coverage with your plan.

Confused by Medicare or insurance?

Our Patient Relations Managers can help patients understand their Medicare, insurance, and benefits. Your Patient Relations Manager is happy to help you:

  • Understand medical bills
  • Determine your Medicaid eligibility and Extra Help level
  • Answer any questions about Medicare, Medicaid and managed care
  • Set up your plan’s benefits, such as dental, vision, over-the-counter benefits and gym memberships

Looking for information about COVID-19 coverage? Visit here to see a list of plans with coverage updates.

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