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Why immunizations and vaccinations are so important.

The terms immunization and vaccination are interchangeable, but becoming immune to a disease is in direct relation to being successfully vaccinated for it.

As you age, your body needs to work harder to stave off certain diseases. And because our immune system weakens over time, seniors are more susceptible to getting sick. Things like the flu, pneumonia, and shingles can lead to serious long-term health problems, including hospitalizations, and even death.

Vaccines have been used for centuries to help keep various diseases at bay, and they play an important role in the preventative care our Medicare primary care doctors practice. Making sure you’re immunized for certain diseases not only protects you, but anyone you come in contact with, including your loved ones. Here is a short list of important vaccines seniors should receive.

Common vaccines we administer at our clinics.

What goes into the development of vaccines?

A vaccine goes through many stages before it’s widely used in the public, and you should rest assured there are stringent regulations in place to make sure every vaccine is safe and effective. Read more information on the development of vaccines and the regulations behind keeping you safe.

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