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Common questions

  • What is Physical Therapy?

    Physical therapy is a type of healthcare that helps people improve and restore their movement, manage their pain, and prevent or treat injuries or disabilities. Physical therapists use a variety of techniques, such as exercises, stretches, and hands-on therapy, to help their patients achieve these goals. Physical therapists work with people of all ages, from infants to the elderly, and they may work in hospitals, clinics, or private practice. The goal of physical therapy is to help people improve their overall physical function and quality of life.

  • What does a Physical Therapist do?

    Physical therapists are health care professionals who work with patients to help them improve their movement and manage their pain. They typically work with people who have been injured or have chronic conditions that affect their ability to move and perform daily activities. Some specific tasks that a physical therapist may perform include:

    • Assessing a patient's medical history and current condition to determine the best treatment plan.
    • Developing and implementing a treatment plan to help the patient improve their strength, flexibility, and range of motion.
    • Using a variety of techniques to help patients reduce pain and improve their mobility, such as stretching, massage, and exercises.
    • Monitoring a patient's progress and making adjustments to their treatment plan as needed.
    • Teaching patients how to perform exercises and other activities at home to continue their progress outside of therapy sessions.
    • Collaborating with other health care professionals, such as doctors and nurses, to provide comprehensive care to patients.

    The specific duties of a Physical Therapist may vary depending on the needs of their patients and the policies of the healthcare facility where they work. At Oak Street Health, our Physical Therapists in New York develop preventive care plans to help you achieve your physical and mental health goals. Get the care you deserve. Schedule an in-person, phone, or video visit with a trusted Physical Therapist today.

  • When should I see a Physical Therapist?

    You may consider seeing a physical therapist if you are experiencing any of the following:

    • Pain or discomfort related to musculoskeletal conditions: If you have persistent or chronic pain in your joints, muscles, or bones, a physical therapist can assess your condition, provide appropriate treatments, and develop a personalized plan to alleviate your pain and improve your function.
    • Mobility issues or difficulty with movement: If you have difficulty walking, climbing stairs, or performing other daily activities due to impaired mobility or limited range of motion, a physical therapist can help you regain strength, improve flexibility, and restore normal movement patterns.
    • Recovery from surgery or injury: Physical therapy can be instrumental in your recovery after surgery or a significant injury. A physical therapist can guide you through appropriate exercises and treatments to regain strength, mobility, and function while managing pain and reducing the risk of complications.
    • Sports-related injuries: If you have sustained an injury while participating in sports or physical activities, a physical therapist experienced in sports rehabilitation can help you recover and get back to your desired level of activity safely and effectively.
    • Chronic health conditions or diseases: Physical therapy can be beneficial for managing and improving symptoms associated with chronic conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain conditions, diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory conditions. A physical therapist can provide guidance on exercise, pain management techniques, and lifestyle modifications to enhance your quality of life.
    • Prehabilitation or injury prevention: Even if you are not currently injured, seeing a physical therapist can be beneficial for identifying imbalances, weaknesses, or movement dysfunctions that may increase your risk of future injuries. They can provide exercises and strategies to correct these issues and help you prevent injuries before they occur.

    It is always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional, such as your primary care physician, who can assess your specific condition and recommend appropriate treatment options, including a referral to a physical therapist if needed.

  • Does Medicare cover Physical Therapy?

    Yes, Medicare does cover physical therapy services, but there are certain conditions and limitations. Medicare Part B provides coverage for outpatient physical therapy, which includes services to improve mobility, function, and physical strength.

    Medicare Part B typically covers 80% of the approved cost for physical therapy services, and the remaining 20% is usually covered by the beneficiary or a supplemental insurance plan.

    However, there are certain requirements and rules that need to be met for Medicare to cover physical therapy services. For example, the services must be provided by a qualified healthcare professional, such as a physical therapist, who accepts Medicare assignment. Additionally, a doctor's referral or order is usually required for Medicare to cover the services.

    Medicare also has coverage limits for physical therapy. For 2022, there is a cap on the amount of coverage available for physical therapy and speech-language pathology services combined. This cap applies to outpatient services provided by a specific provider. However, certain exceptions and extensions may be available for individuals who require additional therapy beyond the cap limits.

    It is important to note that coverage for inpatient physical therapy services provided in a hospital or skilled nursing facility is usually covered under Medicare Part A, with different requirements and limitations.

    If you have specific questions about Medicare coverage for physical therapy services, it is recommended to contact Medicare directly or consult with a healthcare professional who can help navigate the specific details of your coverage.

  • How do I find a Physical Therapist in New York?

    Call (888) 812-1183 to find a Physical Therapist in New York and learn more about becoming a patient at Oak Street Health. You can also stop by your nearest center or fill out a become a patient form, and we'll be in touch.

Physical Therapists in New York

Physical therapy is a type of treatment that can be used to relieve pain, improve range of motion, recover from surgery, and prevent or treat injuries. As we age, our bodies change and we may not be able to do the things we once could. With the help of physical therapy, we can stay as active and independent as possible. The role of a physical therapist in improving physical function is to optimize an individual's ability to perform activities of daily living and improve quality of life. At Oak Street Health, our Physical Therapists in New York and supporting care team develop preventive care plans to help you achieve your physical and mental health goals. Get the care you deserve. Schedule an in-person, phone, or video visit with a trusted Physical Therapist today.

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