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Our editorial process

Oak Street Health’s editorial practices are focused on creating engaging and quality content for adults on Medicare. Our team of editors and writers adheres to the strict standards to ensure quality and accuracy. Our staff researches, writes, edits, fact-checks, and assures information is accurate, current, and relevant to our readers.

All content is reviewed by credentialed medical professionals to ensure accuracy. References are also sourced according to strict guidelines. As health and insurance topics are constantly changing, we review, and where relevant, update our content to reflect the most current insight and recommendations.

Editorial policy and principles

Oak Street Health offers its readers’ easily digestible and trusted healthcare information for a diverse audience of caregivers and adults eligible for Medicare. Our purpose is to provide our readers the information they need to help them make the best decisions for their health.

This information we provide is not intended to replace the need for a doctor or healthcare professional. Our content is:

  • Easy to comprehend

  • Checked for facts by qualified individuals

  • Analyzed for medical safety and accuracy by experienced medical doctors

  • Easily accessed

To reach our quality standards, we observe a process that maintains the utmost editorial and ethical ideals.

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