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The following Humana plans are accepted at Oak Street Health locations.
Plan NameEffective YearBenefit PackageSummary
Aetna Medicare Freedom Core Plan (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-024 Download
Aetna Medicare Premier (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-055 Download
Aetna Medicare Premier (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-112 Download
Cigna Fundamental Medicare (HMO)2022 & 2023H4461-022 Download
Cigna Preferred Medicare (HMO)2022 & 2023H4461-025 Download
Generations Value (HMO)2022 & 2023R5495-801
H0028-017 - Humana Gold Plus H0028-017 (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-017 Download
H0028-021 - Humana Gold Plus H0028-021 (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-021 Download
H0028-023 - Humana Gold Plus H0028-023 (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-023 Download
H0028-027 - Humana Gold Plus H0028-027 (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-027 Download
H0028-028 - Humana Gold Plus H0028-028 (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-028 Download
H0028-049 - Humana Gold Plus H0028-049 (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-049 Download
H0028-050 - Humana Gold Plus - Diabetes and Heart (HMO C-SNP)2022 & 2023H0028-050 Download
H0028-052 - Humana Gold Plus H0028-052 (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-052 Download
H1036-223 - Humana Gold Plus H1036-223 (HMO)2023H1036-223 Download
H2463-001 - Humana Gold Plus H2463-001 (HMO)2022 & 2023H2463-001 Download
H5216-034 - HumanaChoice H5216-034 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-034 Download
H5216-197 - Humana Value Plus H5216-197 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-197 Download
H5216-215 - HumanaChoice H5216-215 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-215 Download
H5216-224 - HumanaChoice H5216-224 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-224 Download
H5216-262 - HumanaChoice H5216-262 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-262 Download
H5216-265 - HumanaChoice H5216-265 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-265 Download
H6622-057 - Humana Gold Plus2022 & 2023H6622-057 Download
H7621-001 - Humana Community (HMO)H7621-001 Download
H8145-120 - Humana Gold Choice H8145-120 (PFFS)H8145-120 Download
H9070-003 - HumanaChoice H9070-003 (PPO)2022 & 2023H9070-003 Download
Humana BR Clinic-BR Gen H1951-055 (HMO)2022 & 2023H1951-055 Download
Humana Care Extra (PPO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H5216-240 Download
Humana Care Extra (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-239 Download
Humana Community (HMO)2022 & 2023H1036-236 Download
Humana Community (HMO)2022 & 2023H0292-001
Humana Community HMO Diabetes and Heart (HMO C-SNP)2022 & 2023H1036-234 Download
Humana Community HMO Diabetes and Heart (HMO C-SNP)2022 & 2023H1468-017 Download
Humana Community HMO SNP-DE (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H1036-235 Download
Humana Community Select HMO H1468-018 (HMO)2022 & 2023H1468-018 Download
Humana FMOL Baton Rouge H1951-053 (HMO)2022 & 2023H1951-053 Download
Humana Gold Choice H8145-008 (PFFS)2023H8145-008 Download
Humana Gold Choice H8145-122 (PFFS)H8145-122
Humana Gold Plus - Diabetes and Heart (HMO C-SNP)2022 & 2023H6622-071 Download
Humana Gold Plus - Diabetes and Heart (HMO C-SNP)2022 & 2023H5619-055 Download
Humana Gold Plus - Diabetes and Heart (HMO C-SNP)2022 & 2023H6622-017 Download
Humana Gold Plus - Diabetes and Heart (HMO C-SNP)2022 & 2023H5619-087 Download
Humana Gold Plus - Diabetes and Heart (HMO C-SNP)2022 & 2023H0028-051 Download
Humana Gold Plus - Diabetes and Heart H1951-044 (HMO C-SNP)2022 & 2023H1951-044 Download
Humana Gold Plus (HMO)2022 & 2023H0292-002
Humana Gold Plus H0028-014 (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-014 Download
Humana Gold Plus H0028-019 (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-019 Download
Humana Gold Plus H0028-021 (HMO)H0028-002
Humana Gold Plus H0028-025 (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-025
Humana Gold Plus H0028-041 (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-041 Download
Humana Gold Plus H0028-042 (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-042 Download
Humana Gold Plus H0028-043 (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-043 Download
Humana Gold Plus H0028-047 (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-047
Humana Gold Plus H0028-054 (HMO-POS)H0028-054
Humana Gold Plus H0028-059 (HMO)H0028-059
Humana Gold Plus H1036-137 (HMO)2022 & 2023H1036-137 Download
Humana Gold Plus H1036-151 (HMO)2022 & 2023H1036-151 Download
Humana Gold Plus H1036-233 (HMO)2022 & 2023H1036-233 Download
Humana Gold Plus H1036-291 (HMO)2022 & 2023H1036-291 Download
Humana Gold Plus H1468-007 (HMO)2022 & 2023H1468-007 Download
Humana Gold Plus H1468-013 (HMO)2022 & 2023H1468-013 Download
Humana Gold Plus H1468-014 (HMO)2022 & 2023H1468-014 Download
Humana Gold Plus H1951-047 (HMO)2022 & 2023H1951-047 Download
Humana Gold Plus H1951-048 (HMO)2022 & 2023H1951-048 Download
Humana Gold Plus H2463-003 (HMO)2023H2463-003
Humana Gold Plus H3533-027 (HMO)2022 & 2023H3533-027 Download
Humana Gold Plus H3533-032 (HMO)2022 & 2023H3533-032 Download
Humana Gold Plus H3533-033 (HMO)2022 & 2023H3533-033 Download
Humana Gold Plus H4141-015 (HMO)2022 & 2023H4141-015 Download
Humana Gold Plus H4141-017 (HMO)2022 & 2023H4141-017 Download
Humana Gold Plus H4461-030 (HMO)2023H4461-030
Humana Gold Plus H4461-031 (HMO)2023H4461-031
Humana Gold Plus H4461-035 (HMO)2022 & 2023H4461-035
Humana Gold Plus H5178-001 (HMO)2022 & 2023H5178-001 Download
Humana Gold Plus H5619-049 (HMO)2022 & 2023H5619-049 Download
Humana Gold Plus H5619-052 (HMO)2022 & 2023H5619-052 Download
Humana Gold Plus H5619-053 (HMO)2022 & 2023H5619-053 Download
Humana Gold Plus H5619-071 (HMO)2023H5619-071
Humana Gold Plus H5619-073 (HMO)2022 & 2023H5619-073 Download
Humana Gold Plus H5619-080 (HMO)2022 & 2023H5619-080 Download
Humana Gold Plus H5619-088 (HMO)2022 & 2023H5619-088 Download
Humana Gold Plus H5619-089 (HMO)2022 & 2023H5619-089 Download
Humana Gold Plus H5619-124 (HMO)2022 & 2023H5619-124 Download
Humana Gold Plus H5619-144 (HMO)2022 & 2023H5619-144 Download
Humana Gold Plus H5619-152 (HMO)2023H5619-152
Humana Gold Plus H6622-011 (HMO)2022 & 2023H6622-011 Download
Humana Gold Plus H6622-014 (HMO)2022 & 2023H6622-014 Download
Humana Gold Plus H6622-019 (HMO)2022 & 2023H6622-019 Download
Humana Gold Plus H6622-021 (HMO)2022 & 2023H6622-021 Download
Humana Gold Plus H6622-022 (HMO)2022 & 2023H6622-022 Download
Humana Gold Plus H6622-032 (HMO)2022 & 2023H6622-032 Download
Humana Gold Plus H6622-033 (HMO)2022 & 2023H6622-033 Download
Humana Gold Plus H6622-037 (HMO)2022 & 2023H6622-037 Download
Humana Gold Plus H6622-055 (HMO)2022 & 2023H6622-055 Download
Humana Gold Plus H6622-060 (HMO)2022 & 2023H6622-060 Download
Humana Gold Plus H6622-070 (HMO)2022 & 2023H6622-070 Download
Humana Gold Plus H8908-001 (HMO)2022 & 2023H8908-001 Download
Humana Gold Plus H8908-002 (HMO)2022 & 2023H8908-002
Humana Gold Plus H8908-004 (HMO)2022 & 2023H8908-004 Download
Humana Gold Plus Integrated H0336-001 (Medicare-Medicaid Plan)2022 & 2023H0336-001 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H0028-015 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H0028-015 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H0028-031 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H0028-031 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H0028-032 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H0028-032 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H0028-033 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H0028-033 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H1036-167 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H1036-167 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H1036-168 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H1036-168 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H1036-222 (HMO D-SNP)2023H1036-222 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H1036-276 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H1036-276 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H1951-032 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H1951-032 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H1951-033 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H1951-033 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H1951-041 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H1951-041 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H1951-056 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H1951-056 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H1951-057 (HMO D-SNP)H1951-057
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H3533-034 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H3533-034 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H4141-003 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H4141-003 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H4141-021 (HMO D-SNP)2023H4141-021
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H4461-038 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H4461-038 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H5619-054 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H5619-054 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H5619-075 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H5619-075 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H5619-082 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H5619-082 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H5619-093 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H5619-093 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H5619-153 (HMO D-SNP)2023H5619-153
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H6622-015 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H6622-015 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H6622-018 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H6622-018 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H6622-078 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H6622-078 Download
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE H8908-005 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H8908-005 Download
Humana HoIndividualr (PPO)2023H5216-355
Humana HoIndividualr (PPO)2023H5217-213
Humana HoIndividualr (PPO)2023H5216-329
Humana Honor (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-140 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-225 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)2022 & 2023H5970-016 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-213 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-221 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-128 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-218 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-258 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-217 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-286 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-190 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-236 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-201 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-235 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)2023H5216-200 Download
Humana Honor (PPO)H5525-064
Humana Honor (PPO)H5216-348
Humana Honor R1390-003 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R1390-003 Download
Humana LCMC Advantage H1951-051 (HMO)2022 & 2023H1951-051 Download
Humana Medicare Employer2022 & 2023H1951-801
Humana Medicare EmployerH7617-801
Humana Medicare Employer (HMO)2022 & 2023H1468-802
Humana Medicare Employer (HMO)2022 & 2023H0028-801
Humana Medicare Employer (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-805
Humana Medicare Employer (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-806
Humana Medicare Employer (PPO)2022 & 2023H5525-809
Humana Medicare Employer (PPO)2022 & 2023H5525-810
Humana Medicare Employer (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R5361-801
Humana Medicare Employer (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R3887-801
Humana Medicare Employer (Regional PPO)R8865-801
Humana Together in Health (PPO I-SNP)2022 & 2023H5216-242
Humana USAA HoIndividualr with Rx (PPO)2023H5525-059
Humana USAA HoIndividualr with Rx (PPO)2023H5216-307
Humana USAA HoIndividualr with Rx (PPO)2023H5216-305
Humana USAA HoIndividualr with Rx (PPO)2023H5216-338
Humana USAA Honor with Rx (PPO)H5216-351
Humana Value Plus H5216-160 (PPO)2023H5216-160 Download
Humana Value Plus H5216-193 (PPO)2023H5216-193 Download
Humana Value Plus H5216-195 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-195
Humana Value Plus H5216-199 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-199 Download
Humana Value Plus H5525-041 (PPO)2023H5525-041
Humana Value Plus H6622-049 (HMO)2022 & 2023H6622-049 Download
Humana Value Plus H8087-002 (PPO)2022 & 2023H8087-002 Download
Humana Value Plus H9070-002 (PPO)2022 & 2023H9070-002
HumanaChoice - Diabetes and Heart (PPO C-SNP)2022 & 2023H5216-246 Download
HumanaChoice - Diabetes and Heart (PPO C-SNP)2022 & 2023H5216-244 Download
HumanaChoice - Diabetes and Heart (PPO C-SNP)H5216-334
HumanaChoice H0473-001 (PPO)2022 & 2023H0473-001 Download
HumanaChoice H0473-004 (PPO)2022 & 2023H0473-004 Download
HumanaChoice H0473-005 (PPO)2022 & 2023H0473-005 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-009 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-009 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-011 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-011 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-013 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-013 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-017 (PPO)2023H5216-017 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-019 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-019 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-023 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-023 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-032 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-032 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-033 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-033 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-034 (PPO)H0029-034
HumanaChoice H5216-042 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-042 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-043 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-043 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-050 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-050 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-051 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-051 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-053 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-053 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-064 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-064 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-073 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-073 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-077 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-077 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-078 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-078 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-081 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-081 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-083 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-083 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-099 (PPO)2023H5216-099
HumanaChoice H5216-105 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-105 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-106 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-106 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-107 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-107 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-109 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-109 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-111 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-111 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-114 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-114 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-116 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-116 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-120 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-120 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-133 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-133 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-136 (PPO)2023H5216-136 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-137 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-137 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-137 (PPO)2023H0030-137
HumanaChoice H5216-142 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-142 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-143 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-143 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-154 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-154 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-157 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-157 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-158 (PPO)2023H5216-158 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-179 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-179 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-180 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-180 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-188 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-188 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-192 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-192 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-196 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-196 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-202 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-202 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-203 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-203 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-211 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-211 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-214 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-214 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-223 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-223
HumanaChoice H5216-226 (PPO)2023H5216-226
HumanaChoice H5216-229 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-229 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-230 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-230 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-237 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-237 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-251 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-251 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-260 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-260 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-261 (PPO)2023H5216-261
HumanaChoice H5216-264 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-264 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-265 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5619-051 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-269 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-269 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-270 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-270 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-272 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-272 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-279 (PPO)2023H5216-279 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-280 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-280 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-282 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-282 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-283 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-283 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-284 (PPO)2023H5216-284
HumanaChoice H5216-285 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-285 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-287 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-287 Download
HumanaChoice H5216-300 (PPO)H5216-300
HumanaChoice H5216-306 (PPO)2023H5216-306
HumanaChoice H5216-309 (PPO)2023H5216-309
HumanaChoice H5216-316 (PPO)H5216-316
HumanaChoice H5216-317 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-317
HumanaChoice H5216-318 (PPO)2023H5216-318
HumanaChoice H5216-322 (PPO)2023H5216-322
HumanaChoice H5216-323 (PPO)H5216-323
HumanaChoice H5216-324 (PPO)2023H5216-324
HumanaChoice H5216-325 (PPO)H5216-325
HumanaChoice H5216-333 (PPO)2023H5216-333
HumanaChoice H5216-335 (PPO)2023H5216-335
HumanaChoice H5216-336 (PPO)2023H5216-336
HumanaChoice H5216-337 (PPO)H5216-337
HumanaChoice H5216-341 (PPO)2023H5216-341
HumanaChoice H5216-343 (PPO)2023H5216-343
HumanaChoice H5216-345 (PPO)2023H5216-345
HumanaChoice H5216-346 (PPO)2023H5216-346
HumanaChoice H5216-347 (PPO)2023H5216-347
HumanaChoice H5216-352 (PPO)H5216-352
HumanaChoice H5216-357 (PPO)2023H5216-357
HumanaChoice H5216-358 (PPO)H5216-358
HumanaChoice H5525-004 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5525-004 Download
HumanaChoice H5525-005 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5525-005 Download
HumanaChoice H5525-008 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5525-008 Download
HumanaChoice H5525-017 (PPO)2023H5525-017
HumanaChoice H5525-020 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5525-020 Download
HumanaChoice H5525-026 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5525-026
HumanaChoice H5525-030 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5525-030 Download
HumanaChoice H5525-035 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5525-035 Download
HumanaChoice H5525-042 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5525-042 Download
HumanaChoice H5525-049 (PPO)2023H5525-049
HumanaChoice H5525-050 (PPO)2023H5525-050
HumanaChoice H5525-051 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5525-051 Download
HumanaChoice H5525-058 (PPO)2023H5525-058
HumanaChoice H5525-060 (PPO)2023H5525-060
HumanaChoice H5525-061 (PPO)H5525-061
HumanaChoice H5525-062 (PPO)H5525-062
HumanaChoice H5525-063 (PPO)H5525-063
HumanaChoice H5525-065 (PPO)2023H5525-065
HumanaChoice H5525-069 (PPO)2023H5525-069
HumanaChoice H5970-024 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5970-024 Download
HumanaChoice H7617-001 (PPO)2022 & 2023H7617-001 Download
HumanaChoice H8087-001 (PPO)2022 & 2023H8087-001 Download
HumanaChoice H8087-004 (PPO)2022 & 2023H8087-004 Download
HumanaChoice H9070-003 (PPO)2022 & 2023H5216-093 Download
HumanaChoice H9070-006 (PPO)2022 & 2023H9070-006 Download
HumanaChoice R0110-001 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R0110-001 Download
HumanaChoice R0110-003 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R0110-003 Download
HumanaChoice R0865-001 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R0865-001 Download
HumanaChoice R0865-003 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R0865-003 Download
HumanaChoice R0923-001 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R0923-001 Download
HumanaChoice R0923-002 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R0923-002 Download
HumanaChoice R1390-001 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R1390-001 Download
HumanaChoice R1390-001 (Regional PPO)R1391-001
HumanaChoice R1390-002 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R1390-002 Download
HumanaChoice R1532-001 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R1532-001 Download
HumanaChoice R1532-002 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R1532-002 Download
HumanaChoice R3392-001 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R3392-001 Download
HumanaChoice R3392-002 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R3392-002 Download
HumanaChoice R3392-004 (Regional PPO)2023R3392-004
HumanaChoice R3887-001 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R3887-001 Download
HumanaChoice R3887-002 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R3887-002 Download
HumanaChoice R4182-001 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R4182-001 Download
HumanaChoice R4182-003 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R4182-003 Download
HumanaChoice R4182-004 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R4182-004 Download
HumanaChoice R4845-001 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R4845-001 Download
HumanaChoice R4845-002 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R4845-002 Download
HumanaChoice R5361-001 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R5361-001 Download
HumanaChoice R5361-002 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R5361-002 Download
HumanaChoice R5495-001 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R5495-001 Download
HumanaChoice R5495-002 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R5495-002 Download
HumanaChoice R7315-001 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R7315-001 Download
HumanaChoice R7315-002 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R7315-002 Download
HumanaChoice SNP-DE H5216-205 (PPO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H5216-205 Download
HumanaChoice SNP-DE H5216-206 (PPO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H5216-206 Download
HumanaChoice SNP-DE H5216-228 (PPO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H5216-228 Download
HumanaChoice SNP-DE H5216-267 (PPO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H5216-267
HumanaChoice SNP-DE H5216-277 (PPO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H5216-277 Download
HumanaChoice SNP-DE H5216-292 (PPO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H5216-292
HumanaChoice SNP-DE H5216-298 (PPO D-SNP)2023H5216-298 Download
HumanaChoice SNP-DE H5216-331 (PPO D-SNP)H5216-331
HumanaChoice SNP-DE H5216-332 (PPO D-SNP)H5216-332
HumanaChoice SNP-DE H5525-036 (PPO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H5525-036 Download
HumanaChoice SNP-DE H5525-048 (PPO D-SNP)2023H5525-048
HumanaChoice SNP-DE H5970-026 (PPO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H5970-026 Download
HumanaChoice SNP-DE H8087-003 (PPO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H8087-003 Download
R7220-001 - HumanaChoice R7220-001 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R7220-001 Download
R7220-002 - HumanaChoice R7220-002 (Regional PPO)2022 & 2023R7220-002 Download
UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete LP1 (HMO D-SNP)2022 & 2023H4461-004 Download

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