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Out-of-center specialty care.

While our Medicare primary care doctors and in-center specialists are experts at senior primary care needs, sometimes we need to send our patients to outside specialists. In that case, we will refer patients to a specialist outside of the center.

A specialist is someone who has advanced training in specific areas. This helps them when it comes to understanding your unique condition and the best course of action in treatment.

However, as your Medicare primary care doctor and care team, we will work closely with the outside specialists to assure the treatments you receive are in line with what you need to best handle your condition. And while we would love nothing more than to treat you ourselves, we do realize there are areas of expertise we aren’t able to handle that would be best suited with someone who is a specialist. But rest assured, you’re still our patient and we will advocate for you.

Common specialty services we send patients out of the center for.

  • Low tech imaging, such as X‑rays

  • High tech imaging, such as CT scans

  • Physical therapy

  • Home health

  • Eye exams

  • Mammograms

  • Colonoscopies

  • Sleep studies

Our in-center specialists for senior primary care.

At Oak Street Health, the kind of care we provide covers you from head to toe. With assistance in both behavioral health, psychiatry, as well as podiatric related concerns.

Common questions

  • When is a referral needed?

    Referrals are ordered when your Medicare primary care doctor establishes that a specialist's expertise might help address your needs.

  • Do Oak Street Health senior primary care physicians recommend specific specialists?

    Your Medicare primary care doctor will often provide personalized specialist recommendations to most appropriately meet your needs.

  • Is a primary care doctor referral always needed to see a specialist?

    Referral requirements depend on your health plan. Most Medicare Advantage health plans require primary care doctor referrals to see a specialist.

  • How does my Medicare primary care physician collaborate with specialists?

    Oak Street Health continually works with local specialists to ensure important clinical discussions and services are brought to the primary care doctor's attention. As a result, your primary care physician can make informed and holistic decisions about your care.

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