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Preventive Care

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  • Health Conditions, Preventive Care

    Reading Blood Test Results: Tips, Advice, And More

    Reading blood test results can be confusing and overwhelming. This resource will explain everything you need to know about interpreting lab results.
  • Preventive Care

    5 Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends these five ways to keep your kidneys healthy as part of the Prevention and Risk Assessment arm of their Chronic Kidney Disease...
  • Preventive Care

    Tips for Choosing a Doctor

    Various tips for finding a doctor and picking the best provider for you.
  • Health Conditions, Preventive Care

    How to Prevent Hypertension

    Various tips and activities for lowering blood pressure and avoiding hypertension.
  • Preventive Care

    How to Take Blood Pressure at Home

    Steps for properly taking blood pressure from home.
  • Preventive Care

    Preparing for a Doctor's Visit

    What to bring to a doctor's appointment and how to prepare.
  • Health Conditions, Preventive Care

    COVID-19 Vaccines

    Breakdown of various COVID-19 vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer, J&J).
  • Preventive Care

    When to Switch Doctors

    Reasons why to switch doctors and how.
  • Preventive Care

    Adult Immunization Schedule

    A breakdown of various vaccines needed while aging and when to receive them.
  • Preventive Care

    What is a Geriatric Doctor

    Breakdown of what a geriatric doctor is and how they help older adults.
  • Preventive Care

    How to Prepare for a Blood Test

    Needing a blood test? Anxious about having bloodwork done? In this article, we break down how to prepare for a blood test.
  • Preventive Care

    What Is Geriatric Care: Everything You Need To Know

    Everything you need to know about geriatric care, including what it is, how to find the right specialist, and why you may benefit from it.
  • Preventive Care

    Normal Blood Pressure By Age: What You Need To Know

    What is considered normal blood pressure? There are a few different factors to consider, especially age. We break down everything you need to know.
  • Health Conditions, Preventive Care

    COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots: What You Need To Know

    Do you need a booster shot if you've already been vaccinated? We break down everything you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine booster shots.
  • Preventive Care

    What is Paxlovid?

    Paxlovid is an antiviral medication that has emergency use authorization to be used to treat COVID-19 infections. Learn more in this guide.

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