4.37 out of 5
82 reviews
  • 5926 Crawfordsville Rd, Unit B, Indianapolis, IN 46224
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  • (317) 268-5741
  • Open Monday to Friday
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Welcome to our Speedway location

Visit our Speedway health center in Indianapolis, IN, where you will find our friendly and personal team of doctors and primary care physicians ready to care for you. This location includes general practitioners who specialize in internal medicine and geriatric medicine for adults on Medicare. Find primary care providers and doctors near Speedway to get the care you need in person, or via video through our convenient telehealth options.


Find us in the shopping center next to Speedway Fire Station 89 and Speedway Public Library, near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The nearest bus stop is the Indy Go blue #10 or green #25 bus at Parkwood Dr - Speedway Center.
  • Take the Indy Go blue #10 or green #25 bus to Parkwood Dr - Speedway Center.
  • Parking available onsite.


  • Languages


  • Primary Care

    Our primary care physicians specialize in care for adults. Our team connects patients to the right programs for their health, including support navigating insurance and coordinating specialist care.

  • Transportation

    For eligible patients, we offer rides to and from appointments. Call in advance of an appointment to confirm eligibility and schedule.

  • Behavioral Health

    In-center Behavioral Health services from providers who specialize in psychology, mental health, or social work. Our team provides counseling to patients with symptoms such as depression and anxiety.

  • Podiatry

    Convenient access to in center Podiatrists who treat foot, ankle, and diabetic conditions. Patients can schedule Podiatry appointments through their Care Team.

  • Chronic Condition Care

    Our doctors are trained to treat adults over 65, and specialize in helping patients manage their chronic health conditions.

  • Wellness & Preventive Care

    Wellness and prevention are key components of our care model. Our doctors work with patients to design a care plan that keeps you happy and healthy.

  • Psychiatry

    Our mental health program includes virtual access to a psychiatrist. Patients need a referral to book appointments with a telepsychiatrist.

  • Medicare Benefit Support

    Our patient relations managers (PRMs) work closely with patients to make sure they understand their Medicare benefits and get the most from their coverage.

  • Immunizations

    Immunizations and vaccinations are an important part of our preventative care model. We offer Flu, COVID-19, Shingles, and a variety of other vaccines to patients.

  • Laboratory & Testing Services

    In-center lab and testing services are part of our care model. We offer routine tests such as Urinalysis, Metabolic panel, A1C, and Lipid panel in addition to tests for COVID-19 and other illnesses.

  • Specialty Care Referrals

    Our primary care doctors often refer to in-network specialists, helping our patients get access to the care they need.

Insurance Accepted

  • Medicare
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Humana
  • Medicaid
  • UnitedHealthCare
  • Zing Health

Speedway Primary Care Physicians


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Reviews for Speedway

4.37 out of 5
82 reviews

The patient rating score is an average of all responses to an independent patient satisfaction survey administered by NRC Health and patient feedback submitted via public review sites. All ratings and comments are displayed in their entirety. Learn more about our survey process.

  • Brandi
    I went into the office for a checkup for Medicare and establish a Dr. I didn't see the Dr but her np instead. I was a little upset by that but the np was very helpful. Asking me if I have applied for other services were available to me through medicare(which I did not know about) and I believe she is going to help me with these things further when I go back for my next appointment. I am very grateful and hopeful since I have been hitting dead ends which is part of the reason I am in a depressive state right now.
  • Evelyn
    A healthy person should not need to come in every 3 months and take unnecessary tests. Seems like you are just milking Medicare for all you can get. We will continue our search for a primary care physician.
  • Phyllis
    I had an excellent experience with the people that I interacted with at the Speedway location, however getting there has been very confusing. I found out about Oak Street Health through Rob in the East side office. We connected at a Line Dance event at Kenwood Place on July 20th. He invited me to be his guest the next day at another Line Dance event with the same Line Dance group. As well as one of the members of the Line Dance group inviting me to their class on Thursday. While at that class, one of the Line Dancers came in and said that Oak Street Health was around the corner giving $10 in gas, all you had to do was show your Medicare card. After the Line Dance class, I went around the corner to the gas station where I eventually ended up talking to Twila and because she told me that she had a 3:45 p.m. appointment opened Friday, I quickly said, "You got me!" because I'm NOT a morning person and Rob only had morning appointments, and I'd scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Friday and had been dreading it. Well that 3:45 p.m. changed to 2:45 p.m. Twila said something about paperwork and that I'll meet my team at 3:45 p.m. As I was leaving Anderson at 1:30 p.m. Friday, I decided to call Oak Street Health to let them know that I'd probably be about 15 minutes late because of the craziness with the traffic. I was assured that I could still be seen with no problems. Once I got there, 10 minutes late, I was told that they'll still see me but my time with everyone would be limited since I was late. I was told about the paperwork that I was signing without being given copies of what I was signing after expressing that I wasn't comfortable with just signing things, sight unseen. I will NOT be doing that again. I was also told that I'd be given a copy of everything that I signed before I leave and the only thing that I was given was a piece of paper with my next appointment on it. I was sure that Rob told me that Oak Street Health is connected with the Blue Button, because that's what peaked my interest since I know that's the "network" VA Medical Center uses; however I was told that Oak Street Health is NOT connected. As I talked with the nurse practitioner (NP) and answered her questions, I kept wondering just who is my team that Twila mentioned I would be meeting. As I finished up with the NP, I felt kind of lost, like I was missing something but I don't know what. I guess I'll figure it out at my next visit.
  • Misty
    I’m doing all the leg work for test because Oak Street didn’t send the right paper work to the hospital so I’ve been on the phone all morning trying to get stuff done and still don’t have my echo schedule
  • John

Oak Street Health Speedway | Primary Care Physicians

This Oak Street Health location can be found at 5926 Crawfordsville Road in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our on-site care team specializes in internal medicine, family medicine, senior care, preventive medicine, geriatric medicine, behavioral health, and podiatry. Connect with our team of nurse practitioners, primary care physicians, and doctors through your choice of an in-person, phone, or video visit. For in-person visits, our team can provide you with rides to and from the Speedway location.

This location welcomes patients who speak English and Spanish via our dedicated multi-lingual Care Team. Talk with one of our internal medicine or geriatric doctors for a tailored approach to primary care. Our trusted general practitioners and local doctors in Indianapolis accept Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Humana, Aetna, and other insurance plans to suit your needs. Our dedicated Care Team can assist with navigating your Medicare and Medicare Advantage benefits, social services, and other healthcare resources. This Oak Street Health location is in the 46224 area of Indianapolis. Same day and next day appointments are available at this location with minimal wait times.

Find us in the shopping center next to Speedway Fire Station 89 and Speedway Public Library, near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. If you require further assistance or for transportation questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our 24/7 support line for around-the-clock care is readily available to answer questions about care, insurance, and our services.