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  • Lifestyle

    Best Social Activities for Seniors

    In this article, we break down why social activities for seniors are important, what they are, and how to get actively involved.
  • Fitness & Nutrition, Lifestyle

    How Much Water To Drink A Day For Older Adults

    Water intake is vital for overall health but fluid needs will vary individually. This resource will explain how much water you should drink daily.
  • Lifestyle

    9 ​​Best Memory Improvement Tips and Techniques

    Memory loss can affect anyone, but there are ways to help boost memory abilities. We break down the causes of memory loss and great memory improving tips.
  • Lifestyle

    5 Home Safety Tips For Seniors

    For older adults living alone, safety needs to be a top priority. Learn how to age in place safely in this comprehensive guide.
  • Health Conditions, Lifestyle

    8 Lifestyle Changes to Help you Manage Diabetes

    Self-managing diabetes includes a range of lifestyle choices that help reduce symptoms and lead to an overall higher quality of living.
  • Health Conditions, Lifestyle

    Common Skin Issues & Skin Health Tips for Seniors

    Read our guide to skin health for seniors, with common skin issues for seniors, tips for protecting aging skin, cancer and skin disease prevention, skin products for seniors and more.
  • Lifestyle

    8 Tips for Better Sleep

    Read our guide to getting better sleep, with these 8 helpful tips to a better night’s sleep including the root problems that cause sleep loss, good sleep habits, how diet affects sleep and more.
  • Health Conditions, Lifestyle

    Safe Spaces & Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer's

    Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia, affecting millions of people every year. In 2020 alone, about 5.8 million Americans were diagnosed with the disease. This number is expected...
  • Lifestyle

    The winter blues: reach out and touch someone

    For some of us, winter means celebrating the big holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.
  • Lifestyle

    13 Tips on How to Lower Health Care Costs

    Many of the tips included in this article refer to proactive ways patients can take charge of their health and avoid unnecessary medical spending down the line.
  • Lifestyle

    Importance of Voting on Items That May Impact Your Health Care

    Learn the ways in which voting and healthcare intersect and how patients can become more involved in the politics that affect their wellbeing.
  • Fitness & Nutrition, Lifestyle

    Lifestyle tips to help you lower your cholesterol

    Every one of us wants to be healthy, but doing the things that keep us healthy is hard work.
  • Lifestyle

    How to Stay Safe During the Holidays

    The holidays are meant to be fun and festive: marked by delicious and hearty meals, good cheer and most of all, family and friends. If there’s any time of year when clans big or small reunite, it’s...
  • Lifestyle, Preventive Care

    Adult Care: 9 Ways to Prevent Trips and Falls

    Read about ways to prevent trips and falls on the Oak Street Health blog, where you can find information and advice on Primary Care, Wellness and Health Insurance.
  • Lifestyle, Preventive Care

    Healthy lungs — tips to help quit smoking

    There's no question that smoking is bad, but why is that? Despite all the commercials, billboards, and other information about the serious effects smoking has on the body, why is it that millions...

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