Stay at home, and stay connected with Telehealth services.

Our Oak Street Health team is available via telephone and video to assess your symptoms and create a care plan specific to your needs. Fill out the form below or call (877) 823‑1648 to schedule an appointment!

Telehealth services at oak street health

Telehealth care that puts your needs first.

The way we care for our patients is to treat the whole person. That means we handle everything from medical, social, and even behavioral health in a safe and clean doctors office environment. Our primary care model connects patients to the right programs and resources for them via telehealth or in-person visits. Making sure no one falls through the cracks. Our physicians are well-versed in internal medicine, geriatric medicine, and even family medicine. With Internists and Geriatricians on staff to assist those specific needs.


Common Questions about Telehealth

Telehealth doctor expertise for patients’ needs.

At Oak Street Health, we pride ourselves on having providers who specialize in a number of areas that can help patients experience better health results while taking care of their overall health on a telehealth visit:
  • Family Medicine

    While our patients tend to be older adults, a provider who specializes in Family Medicine is able to treat people of all ages via telehealth, with an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion.

    Internal Medicine

    Providers who specialize in Internal Medicine have a background in handling chronic illnesses such as: heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Diseases which are prevalent in many of the communities we serve.

    Geriatric Medicine

    A Geriatric doctor specializes in treating older patients who have multiple health problems or complex conditions such as: dementia, incontinence, or osteoporosis all via a telehealth appointment.

  • In-center specialties that help serve you better.

    Behavioral Health - A Behavioral Health therapist specializes in psychology, psychiatry, mental health counseling, behavioral therapy, or social work. These professionals provide counseling to patients dealing with challenges like addiction, physical limitations or mental illness.

    Podiatry - A Podiatrist focuses on the foot, ankle and structural areas of the lower leg, with emphasis on surgery, sports medicine, wound care, and diabetic care. Many patients find this service to be important in their care.

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