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  • 13 tips on how to choose a primary care physician (plus 7 types of doctors to know about)

    For patients, choosing a new primary care physician presents a number of options to choose from, leading to a variety of steps a patient can take to discover which physician and primary care practice is best for them.

  • Medicare Enrollment: Mistakes to Avoid

    These are the top five mistakes to avoid when enrolling in Medicare.

  • How to Shop for Medicare Insurance: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Once most United States citizens turn 65, they become eligible for Medicare which is insurance provided through the United States government. Citizens who are dealing with certain disabilities may qualify for Medicare prior to age 65. Social Security is what originally enrolls a citizen in baseline Medicare insurance, however, there are a variety of options and combinations to choose from when getting a new Medicare insurance plan.

  • Understanding Medicare and Your Options

    Medicare can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s often helpful to discuss the various parts of Medicare to better understand your options, costs, and benefits. Doing so can assist you in making a more informed decision about the Medicare options available to you. After all, making an educated decision when it comes to your health coverage goes a long way in the healthcare benefits you receive, as well as the cost.

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